Thursday, September 3, 2009

Local Music

Someone I dated was friends with the folks in Red, White and Bluegrass, a local bluegrass band. Bluegrass music was becoming very hip. Within a couple of years my friends and I started going to wonderful bluegrass festival weekends at Horsepens 40. We listened to Norman and Nancy Blake and Glen Tolbert- a fast pickin' guitar player from Alabama- and many other stock- in-trade bluegrass groups.

I was invited up to the mountains of North Carolina for a weekend with the Red, White and Bluegrass band members, and got to hang out with band members, including Norman Blake who was playing with them at the time. This was before he got together with Nancy I suppose. He was an odd, quiet fellow, but just amazing on the mandolin. It was winter and they were playing at a ski resort so it was a nice, cozy atmosphere. I was in awe of them all. I loved the way Ginger Boatwright sang, and the fact that they wrote some of their own music. I think Byron Berline played with them as well. Check out their album if you can find it. It is my only album that is not square (really, it is not made in the shape of a square, it is a can shape).

I noticed that Grant Boatwright now plays with Neil Young and was on Saturday Night Live with Neil last year.