Sunday, August 16, 2009


So I just go on and on about the music. Really, it permeates everything having to do with 1972. Here are two wonderful, witty and wry dudes that touched my soul. I still listen to these songs and think Glory to the Day by Jesse Winchester might be one of my top ten essential singer-songwriter-y songs. Jesse was off in Canada because of the war, and Jackson Browne was just arriving on the scene. If you will indulge me here, I will later submit a blog to the lady songwriters whom I must salute and thank for inspiring me to write songs. And I will come back to Jesse Colin Young. But first accolades to these princes...

Thank you both for sharing the love!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honorable Mention

I have to devote a whole blog to Layla. It came out in 1970 but I did not start listening to it obsessively until 1972. It means so much to me musically, and sentimentally, due to Duane Allman's ethereal presence.

It also foreshadowes my move to Macon, Georgia later in 1978.

The album has tones and echos of the South- stories and romace and unrequited love. The cover art is beautiful. Every song is a gem, and it was such a collaboration!
Layla itself is a blend of styles that are seamlessly joined like a luxurious garment- it wraps itself around you and holds you in a special place that is timeless. Just listen to it again- it has no trendiness at all.

Lucky for us in 2009 there is a young musician who has inheirited this quality of musical presence. His name is Derek Trucks.

Bell Bottom Blues, don't fade away....