Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Wooden Nickel

I would like to tell some stories about the Wooden Nickel, just because there is a reunion next weekend. I am going, and hope that I recognize someone. I used to go there almost every day during the mid 70s. I can't remember going there to hear bands, but at some point I think that bands started playing there. I usually went there in the afternoons and early evenings. It was a great place to drink a beer. I think my best story is about the day they cut down the trees and I went off the deep end. I remember very clearly sitting at the bar and drinking myself into oblivion. The rest is a blur.

Otherwise, I was pretty well behaved and unbesotted for most of my visits there. Maybe after the reunion I will recollect something more memorable and interesting.

The Wooden Nickel (which was very laid back and earthy) morphed into The Nick (edgey and grungy) at some point while I was living in Macon. The building is still there but the vibe is no longer the same. I am glad it wasn't just abandoned or torn down. It has resiliance just like some of its patrons, those of us that survived.