Friday, October 16, 2009


I will resume the reminiscing soon. Just back from vacation where I got a chance to talk with someone who helped me remember some things I had forgotten. I was trying to follow up and figure out when I saw Joni Mitchell and I found a wonderful thing on Joni Mitchell's website. All her old concert dates are listed and there is a place for browsers to record their memories of the concert. I love that. I wish I could find that on The Band and Little Feat sites. Now I know that I saw Joni in Tuscaloosa in 1976. It was a mesmerizing concert, and we were lucky to have her performing in Alabama.

Having just seen Bob Dylan last Saturday in Berkeley, I am reminded of how few opportunities I had to see the greats of our time, and how special those time were. Dylan, bless his touring heart, has been to Alabama several times. He is still going strong, has a great band backing him up, and was very magical in concert this time, conducting and shaping the music. There was no warm up band, just a two hour tight set, in the open amphitheatre on the campus. Nice!