Sunday, May 2, 2010

Allman Brothers (and Sisters)

I was priviledged to go to the homecoming show at the Macon Auditorium to see the Allman Brothers perform for the extended family last Friday night. It was also the grand opening of the Allman Brothers museum- The Big House- in Macon, Georgia.

What does this have to do with Southside? Well, after my Southside days began to wither and wane, I met up with someone who asked me to come to Macon to visit. When I saw Macon- especially the area around Orange Street where I spent the first night in an antebellum mansion with 18 foot ceilings- I knew I had to move there, so I did. I arrived just past the peak of the brothers, and that is a whole 'nother story.

I was a fan of the Allman Brothers when I lived on the Southside. As I may have said before, the first time I heard them, I didn't know who they were but I knew they were fabulous. The music was instantly captivating. I never lost interest in them, and with the relatively recent addition of Derek Trucks to the band, they are still compelling.

Needless to say, the concert was great, the museum a must see for all Allman Brothers fans. The Big House has been restored, and the displays are lovely. In addition to being a musical hub, the museum will partner with local schools and other community folks to provide musical instruments, musical education, etc. to those who may not otherwise have the means to explore the arts.

I think that the lingering essence of what was happening in Macon in the early 70's was part of the attraction for me, albeit not on a conscious level. You can still feel the magic there. Really.


  1. Second time trying this. Hi Mary's Dave Levy. Seems our paths had crossed again. I was in Macon (actually lived in Warner Robins) from March 1970 to December 1971. And, it was there that I got turned on to the Allman Brothers. A friend of mine, Beverly Yarbough lived in Macon up the street from Phil Walden who was the Allman Brothers manager at the time. We all got promo copies of Live at the Filmore East. We wore that record out, sitting around smoking dope and listening to those great songs. My favorite is "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed." The song still give me goose bumps today. In fact, I've seen Dickie Betts twice in the last 2 years in a small club in Annapolis, and got to listen to that great song live!!! Oh, another friend had one of those old great houses in Macon also. It was only two stories tall, but it had an cool we thought that was. Also saw the Allman Brothers at Byron, and then also saw them at the first time they ever played at the brand new Macon Coliseum. Mary Kay, maybe one day we will meet. When I read your blog, sometimes I feel like I'm reading about me. Take care, Aloha,

  2. Hi Mary Kay, Just wondering how you're doing. I miss reading your blog. Hope you're OK. Me, still clean and sober, still going to concerts. Recently, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Eddie Money, Stevie Nicks, Atlanta Rhythm Section, with tickets to upcoming shows by Dave Mason, The Zombies, and Los Lonely Boys. Plus, heading off to my 50th High School re-union. Take care, Aloha, David