Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I begin this project with a lot of trepidation and anticipation. I have only some memories to start with and I am not particularly skilled at finding things at libraries, online,etc.. I do have a curiosity about a time in my life and the rich texture of that time. I was spurred on in this pursuit when my son found a video of Jimi Hendrix performing at the Byron Pop Festival in 1970 (also know as the Second Atlanta Pop Festival)that I wanted to see. The video brought back many feelings, and also validated what I hazily remembered about how fantastic that performance was when I saw it at age 18. Maybe there are many more images and memories to be discovered.

My daughter Liz helped me do some quick looks online yesterday before she left town. I found out there was a reunion of folks a couple of years ago that got together to reminisce about this very subject, and just the article helped me remember people that I had forgotten about.

Today I am reminded of a band called Clinton, The Cadillac Cafe, Morris Avenue, Mammy's Pancake House, volleyball games at the park on Highland, a commissioned work of art by Howard Cruse...

So if anybody reads this and can remember I would like to start with local bands, places where music, art and street theatre were happening. It's time to remember.

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