Friday, January 9, 2009

Social Life

My first adventures on Southside involved going to visit my friends at the Misses Howard's School. They were crazy fun. They were also very "cultured and refined". We rode around Birmingham in a red Mustang or an MG Midget. We sang a lot of Temptations, Tams and Supremes songs. So when I got out of high school and went off to college at Auburn, I found every opportunity to get back to the scene on the Southside. One of my friends had a sister who lived at the Penthouse Apartments on Red Mountain overlooking the city. Those were memorable parties for sure.

This is a picture of the very stylish Parliament House where we had proms and fancy events when I was in high school. It has been torn down now.

At the end of Spring quarter 1970, I got a job in Birmigham at Parisian, and stayed with my cousin on 29th Street in a one bedroom apartment. I was so happy and free. I made enough money to do just about whatever I pleased, and at that time, did not want anything that involved much expense. I remember being introduced to honey on cereal as a natural alternative- my first initiation into alternative lifestyles. Other things followed.

Sometimes we would just need some sustenance, and would venture down to the Social Grill for a big meal.

Mammy's Pancake house was on Highland Avenue where we went late nights to see other night owls and assorted Southsiders..............I have a Mammy's glass ashtray to prove I was there.

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  1. Hi Mary Kay,
    I stumbled across your writings and find them facinating (spelling was never a strong suite of mine). I had just met someone who is a music producer and we were talking about, what else, music. He mentioned that he was at Woodstock and I asked him if he ever heard of the Bryon Pop Festival. He said no and I told him that it was in 1970 and was bigger than
    Woodstock. Interested in why he never heard of Bryon, I did a Google search and only then found out that what I had attended and for all these years just knew as the Byron Pop Festival was the Atlanta Pop Festival. I found tons of postings about the festival and came across your postings. Read everything. I have I think every one of the albums that you listed. I was in the Air Force and was stationed in Warner Robins, GA from March 70 to Dec 71. Hung around with a bunch of freaks and hippies from the Macon area, (Mercer College and Wesleyan students) and we all ended up going to the festival. I don't remember much, but I do remember how hot it was and I also remember them shooting a hose of cool water out from the stage area to cool us off. Anyhow, write some more. I can't tell yo how much I enjoyed reading your writings. Took me right back to the late 60's and the early 70's. It was really a very special time. Aloha, Dave Levy